Corner sofa buying guide

Corner sofa buying guide

Our corner sofa buying guide helps you to choose the perfect sofa for your home. An investment that elegantly masks itself as an indulgence, a sofa is one of the most important purchases you can make. Transform your house into a home and give your interiors a new lease of life. Choose a corner sofa for maximum comfort, spaciousness and style. This is everything you need to know about corner sofas. 


Corner Sofa Buying Guide: The Basics 

What is a corner sofa?

A corner sofa is an L shaped sofa, with a characteristic angle that makes it perfect for fitting into the corner of rooms or acting as a room divider to give a space versatility. Beyond this definition, there’s no one size fits all model. Some corner sofas will form a symmetrical reflection with each stretch of seating from end to corner being equal. Others will vary in size, making them more suitable for different size rooms. 



Is a corner sofa right for you? 


If you’ve been umming and ahhing about buying a corner sofa there are a few things to take into consideration before making your decision. Firstly, no matter the size of your room, a corner sofa will complement your living space. With its defining L shape, a corner sofa will provide a solution for when space is at a premium or when space is empty and needs a statement piece. 



Suitable whether you live alone, in a couple or with your family, a corner sofa is the ultimate socialising spot. The formation naturally creates a sociable and inviting ambiance, and the ample lounging space encourages relaxation and comfort. We would recommend a corner sofa to anyone and everyone, especially those who are prioritising comfort and space. 


Where should you position your corner sofa? 


Where you choose to put your corner sofa is totally dependent on the kind of aesthetic and feel you’re trying to achieve in your interiors. Obviously, the corner design lends itself to be placed in the corner of the room for a cosy, space-saving option. However, a corner sofa can also be an interior design tool, used as a divider to create different sections of a room. If you have an open plan space consisting of both your kitchen and your lounging area, placing your corner sofa at an angle so that your back is to the kitchen is an effective way to establish boundaries. Corner sofas naturally hug whatever is placed within their centre so style with a rug, a coffee table and a lamp to make use of the separate room it creates.


L shaped or U shaped? 


The L shaped corner sofa is a cult favourite, popular in homes all over the globe. Perfect for any room, big or small, the L shaped sofa creates space and an inviting hub for a coffee table. The U Shape sofa is essentially a double corner sofa, perfect for big families and a hosting home. If this is how you use your space, U shaped sofas scream sociable luxury. The extravagance of horseshoe shaped sofas makes them the perfect choice for gatherings. We love to create this shape with our modular sofa designs for versatility depending on the day. 

A non-committal corner sofa: Modular Sofa vs Chaise 

If you’re after the sociable curve offered by the corner sofa but aren’t ready to commit to this model, why not opt for a sofa with a chaise? A chaise is an extension at the end of your sofa that extends into an L shape. The perfect place to put your feet up and to and lie back after a long, hard day.

Alternatively, a modular sofa is the perfect solution if you’re someone who prioritises versatility. Whether you want to rearrange your corner sofa into a sofa bed, change the direction of the corner or simply take advantage of a section as a footstool, a modular sofa offers you everything.