Cottagecore: How to style cosy country interiors

Cottagecore: How to style cosy country interiors

Keep reading to discover the key to cottagecore interiors. Yearning after the cosy country aesthetic found in cottage style homes? We’re as enamoured as you are with the charm of quintessential cottage interiors and wanted to give you some styling advice to help you to create your very own country-esque haven. Keep reading for some tips on how to incorporate this trend into your home, be it in the Cotswolds or Notting Hill…

What is cottagecore? 

Okay, firstly lets get down to the basics. What even is cottagecore? In short it's an aesthetic appreciation for Western rural life. From the tranquility of being surrounded by nature to the organic feel of the environment, country life has a certain allure that is being celebrated in modern times. This contemporary appreciation of the quintessential cottage is reflected in popular culture from our favourite films (The Holiday, 2006) to floaty floral fashion trends and maximalist interiors has taken over and we're here to show you how to incorporate it with a Raft twist.

Rustic wood for earthy tones 

The golden grain of wood is warming and cosy, providing a welcoming feel to your interiors. The lived in quality of sustainably sourced teak is shown by the rustic way in which the different pieces are skilfully crafted together. Ultimately, there’s no easier way to give your home a tranquil and cosy country touch than by adding teak, from a statement dining table to a teak bowl or coffee table.

Cube Coffee Table

The Cube Coffee Table offers a simple style that combines practicality with the elegance of sustainable hardwood. The simple silhouette of our signature Cube Coffee Table makes it the perfect complementary piece for any interior style, contemporary or traditional.

Sage green painted cabinets

Painting your woodwork is the perfect way to give your home a touch of personality and life. if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the signature charming cosiness even found in the kitchen and bathroom, painting your cabinets a sage green is the way to go. Refresh your interiors with a lick of paint and transform a place of functionality into an interior design focal point.

Make a statement with a printed armchair  

Adding playful prints to your decorating scheme is a brilliant way to give your home a traditional country twist while tapping into the Grand Millennial trend everyone is loving right now. Showing an aesthetic appreciation for the trends of the past with a contemporary twist, a statement armchair will give your space a new lease of life.