Curved furniture: A timeless home comfort

Curved furniture: A timeless home comfort

Maintaining harmony and comfort in your home with curved furniture shapes and soft edges is the antidote to lifeless interiors. We can’t deny our appreciation for the contemporary aesthetic of geometric shapes, clean lines and crisp silhouettes. However, such an appreciation mustn’t eclipse the timeless appeal of round-edged furniture. Create a well-rounded flow and effortless elegance by incorporating rounded pieces into your interiors today. 

Romantic interiors 

There’s an undeniable romance in the subtlety of curved furniture. Sumptuously soft and inviting in its gentle arcs, it offers a nod to art-nouveau home decor and maximises feelings of calm and relaxation. Not only are curved lines emblematic of nature, from trees to waves, they also represent our own bodies and promise a sense of security and timelessness. In essence, the human quality of rounded edges cannot be beaten, no matter your style of interior. 


The bedroom should be at the forefront of your mind when considering where to implement softer furnishing and curved lines. Achieve an intimate bedroom look by styling a plush upholstered bed as a centrepiece or with a curved statement piece of furniture to balance and offset straight lines, such as the Kartini Bench.

Living Room

As for the living room, a sofa or armchair with curved arms, such as our Lincoln Sofa, will provide a luxuriously sumptuous sit and romantic look and offer a familiar sense of comfort and security. Beyond this, a circular side table or coffee table will gently create a sense of continuity and stylish simplicity.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually dominated by squares and clean lines. From the tiling to the cabinets, it's not uncommon to discover that your home hosts a bathroom or kitchen entirely dominated by right angles. Although this fact gives a fresh and clean look to the areas of your home that most demand said aesthetic, incorporating some curved lines will create more depth and intrigue. In this situation, our head of visual merchandising always suggests a circular mirror. Not only will it maximise light and space, it'll also soften a potentially harsh look.

Small spaces and the illusion of curves

If space is at a premium you may be using straight lines in order to make the most of awkward alcoves and corners. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the beauty of curved lines. Opting for a print with circular design is an effective way to trick the eye into embracing the welcoming ambiance of curves in a living space. A graphic rug or printed scatter cushion can achieve this look but so can the authentic curves exhibited in raw teak pieces. For example, while a Teak Root statement piece such as our Teak Root Glass Console Table, Coffee Table or Side Table boasts straight lines as a silhouette, the unique form that each root takes is rustic and curved.