Distant Shores: Energise your interiors with this trend

Distant Shores: Energise your interiors with this trend

Distant Shores is the newest interior design trend that we’ve fallen in love with. Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle enjoyed on tropical islands, we're longing for interiors that reimagine these magical getaways. From terracotta walls to teak root statement pieces, we’re all yearning for a living space that oozes tranquility.  These are the techniques we're using to energise our interiors with this trend.

The beauty of a white canvas in the Distant Shores trend

The all-white aesthetic is one that is timeless and energising because the simple freshness simply never tires. Whether you use white to create a minimalist space with a monochrome theme or as a canvas for an eclectic, colourful style, white paint is a no-brainer. It really is no surprise that this style is universally acclaimed and used in so many homes. From Nordic homes to Moroccan decor, white walls are used globally to refresh interiors, maximise light, bring out colour and create the illusion of space.

Melrose Sofa, SS21 scatters, Tamara Coffee Table

So, with the blue skies of British Springtime giving us an early preview this year, we're dreaming of the bright palettes overseas. Think Santorini: white buildings, blue doors and fuchsia bougainvillea. It’s all about contrasting white with a bright pop of colour to create an energising yet calming aesthetic. We love opting for a pale canvas and building on it with accent colours and statement prints. Our Melrose Sofa is shown above in an off-white fabric 'Silver Birch' with mosaic style scatter cushions, Chartreuse and Guava, radiating a rich Moroccan style. 

A statement piece with ethically sourced teak from Distant Shores in Indonesia

We have always sourced and manufactured our products ethically. Our teak comes exclusively from Indonesia, and is dried locally in our very own solar powered kiln. What's more, each piece of FLEGT certified teak is individually crafted by our skilled team of artisans. This means that each one of our teak roots is totally unique. The world traveller trend that pays tribute to distant shores is epitomised by our signature teak root furniture. Below is our Teak Root Glass Dining Table with our Rhode Carver Chairs. 

teak root dining table with glass top raft furniture

Indoor foliage for a fresh energy 

Recharge your batteries with the refreshing addition of leafy greens in your home. Indoor plants are a fantastic way to add colour, character and life to a tired space. So, by bringing the outdoors in you can give an effortless nod to the Distant Shores trend. Plants have long been an interior design weapon used to create the illusion of space. Eliminate any stale feeling from your room and create a burst of air-purifying energy in exchange. Fiddle leaf figs are among our favourite house plants because they're large, leafy, as well as (relatively) low maintenance. We recommend potting your plant in a statement Concrete Planter. This means you can play with textures, tones and styles. We love pairing industrial statement pieces with naturally occurring materials.

Distant shores indoor plants and teak side table