English Wine Week 2021 Celebrations with Raft

English Wine Week 2021 Celebrations with Raft

Love English Wine? This year English Wine Week is from 19th to 27th June 2021. How are you celebrating? A campaign that supports local vineyards and homegrown grapes. Essentially, the aim is to spread the word about the wonderful wines we produce and establish Great Britain as one of  the world's greatest quality wine regions.

Although England boasts 400 vineyards, it is often overlooked on the global wine stage. This annual, week-long campaign is celebrated with lots of small events to highlight English wines. From tastings at wine merchants and vineyard tours to restaurants offering local tasting menus accompanied by wine, English winemakers are keen to demonstrate what we can do. We have our very own Raft factory in North London and pride ourselves on our handmade British sofas. For this reason, we are constantly inspired by other companies thriving locally. Basically, this week poses the perfect opportunity to celebrate local business and of course, drink wine.

“Life is for celebrating”

Raft is officially partnering up with Ridgeview to offer one Raft customer the chance to win the ultimate English Wine bundle! Ridgeview is one of England’s most established vineyards. Located in the rolling hills of the South Downs, they produce award-winning bubbles using the classic sparkling wine method.

Enter this competition to win: a free case of six bottles of Ridgeview's traditional blend Cavendish Sparkling Wine and four Raft Smoke Champagne glasses, to the value of £230. 

Life is for celebrating ridgeview

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