Forever Furniture: 4 staples that every home needs

Forever Furniture: 4 staples that every home needs

At Raft, forever furniture is the only thing we sell. Handmade for life, in every sense of the phrase, our collection is sustainable, durable and timeless. Our designers don't follow fads, with years of experience in the industry and an eye for what makes a house a home. Our furniture is handmade from sustainably sourced materials and lasts a lifetime. These are the 4 staple pieces of furniture that every home needs: 

1. Your Dream Sofa

Now is the time to buy your dream sofa. The most worthwhile investment you could make, furnishing your home with a sofa you love is a no-brainer. When it comes to choosing your sofa, we encourage you to compare Raft sofas with others on the market. Our sofas are handmade in our factory in London from the highest quality materials. We don't cut any corners and offer a service and sofas that will elevate your interiors. Personal, irresistibly comfortable and beautiful.

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2. A comfortable sofa bed (that doesn't look like a sofa bed)

Melrose Sofa best sofa fabric ideas

Every year when Christmas comes along, you kick yourself for not buying a sofa bed... Sofa beds are one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture but they really shouldn't be. Incredibly practical and space-saving, a sofa bed is a must-have for all city dwellers and hosting homes in general. However, it's no secret that they're not famously comfortable. The comfort of a sofa bed is a different story with Raft.

Come into one of our showrooms and ask a member of our team to show you our sofa beds. Not only do they look fantastic and undetectable, but the quality and feel is unmatched by other sofa beds on the market. The ultimate essential luxury.

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3. Your forever furniture dining table

forever furniture durable teak dining table

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a family home or an apartment, you need a wooden dining table. We sustainably source teak, dry it in our solar powered kiln and then make each table by hand in our factory in Yogyakarta. Our dining tables are timeless and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, while also making a stylish statement. The centre of every home, your dining table is a place for making memories and sharing meals with the people you love. For this reason, our teak can't be beaten. Each table is totally unique with an authentic grain to the teak, as well as being virtually indestructible. An indisputable staple.

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4. A luxurious double bed

Forever furniture luxurious double four poster bed

The importance of taking care of your personal space cannot be underestimated. A safe haven that should exude tranquility and indulgence, your bedroom should be a sigh of relief after a long day. So, whether your dream bed is upholstered or wooden, you should make sure the centrepiece of your bedroom is a bed you love. A non-negotiable for your forever home.

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