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Grey interiors ideas...

Grey interiors ideas...

Need grey interiors ideas? It’s no secret that Raft Furniture is a haven of greys, neutrals and crisp whites… We were recently featured in the realhomes.com roundup of grey living room ideas and it inspired us to share our secrets to incorporating greys into your interiors. We’re here to debunk the myth that grey equates to dull and share our love for the ultimate neutral with you.   

Why is grey an interior staple?

In the interior design world trends are ever changing, with must-have shades shifting from season to season. Last year we saw blue sofas sky rocket and this year green hues have taken a front seat. However, while the colour wheel turns, one staple neutral has remained consistent for years on end: grey. Opting for a grey space is effectively creating a blank canvas and allows for experimentation and seasonal refreshes. Add accessories, prints and bold accents of colour without clashing with your grey base. Or, stick to grey for a minimalist aesthetic and play with textures to add some intrigue.   

Experiment with textures 

When thinking grey interiors ideas, it’s important to consider the integral role played by textures. At Raft, we’re huge advocates of organic materials such as cotton, linen and wood. Layering is an excellent way to avoid a sterile look when dealing with greys and works effectively towards creating a hygge aesthetic. Our favourite way to warm up grey is with teak, naturally. The earthy and authentic quality of the grain works beautifully with the soft coolness of grey and accentuates the colours bringing out the beauty in neutrals. 

(Lots of) shades of grey 

Grey is more versatile than it's given credit for, with a depth of tones and hues on offer. Combining a range of greys in your interior space can create a harmonious aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. Charcoal grey, lavender grey, blue-grey, slate grey, feather grey, pebble grey, dove grey... the list goes on. This method of layering different shades will add interest and detail as each tone will reflect the light differently. Try layering rugs: a favourite technique in Scandi interior design. 

Grey interiors ideas: Accessories...

...for the kitchen    Bring grey accents to your dining table set up with our smoke glassware collection. The soft curves and smoky finish make it an interesting statement piece that will give a gently contemporary edge to your dining experience. Tumbler Glass - Smoke | £10 

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