Home office ideas for small spaces and all other homes

Home office ideas for small spaces and all other homes

"Home office ideas" has been trending in the UK since the beginning of the first lockdown. We're over our makeshift dining table desks and are looking for a staple home office that is both professional and cosy. When space is at a premium, it can be overwhelming to consider making room for a home office, but it's all about working with your interiors. Not only are we speaking as interior designers and furniture aficionados, but also from experience. We've got a whole load of home office ideas for small spaces; so, keep scrolling to find some inspiration!

Home office ideas for small spaces: The Basics

Your makeshift work station served you well when WFH was simply a one-off affair. However, now is the time to invest in a sophisticated home office. Creating a dedicated space for working from home is an interior design project you will thank yourself for embarking upon. Our advice? Invest in the three basics that every home office needs and the rest will follow. The basics? A comfortable chair, a sturdy desk and the perfect lighting.

Best chair for your home office

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You spend most of your week sat in your office chair so there's no wiggle room for skimping on comfort. However, if you're someone who cares about the aesthetic of your home, you'll want to find a balance between form and function. So, do you want a wooden chair or an upholstered chair? Teak chairs exude a timeless, rustic minimalism while upholstered models soften a space, offering plush comfort. Can't decide? Perhaps the best choice for you would be a teak chair with an upholstered seat. This way, you can enjoy the unique earthiness of teak wood and personalise your chair with the fabric of your choice, from linen to velvet.

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Choosing the perfect home office desk

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What home office desk is right for you? Considering the size, style and capacity for storage you have in your home office will help you to decide. Are you in the creative industry, in need of space for inspiration and creation? Or do you work with lots of paperwork and equipment that you'd like to hide away for order?

Keep it minimal with a clean, simple Hudson Office Desk as shown above, perfect for slotting the Hudson Desk Cabinet. Generous storage without taking up room, this is a no-brainer home office idea for small spaces. Or, if you can survive on less storage and need a smaller desk model, our iconic Lifestyle Office Desk with drawers will provide your work space with a decluttering station and add a timeless staple to your furniture arsenal. Love the aesthetic but want to size up? We also have the Lifestyle Double Desk with cabinets on each side of the desk for extra storage.

Our Teak Root Glass Desk is stunningly sophisticated and pays tribute to its roots, quite literally. The raw and unique teak retains its natural splits, details and characteristics making this home office desk an objet d’art. The sustainably sourced teak is then paired with toughened glass for durability and elegance. The perfect timeless statement for the modern home, giving a nod to the distant shores interior design style.

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The Best Home Office Lighting

If you can position your home office in a place in your house that receives sunlight, you're onto a winner. Not only will this make the space overall more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, it'll also stimulate productivity and keep you energised while the sun is out. However, if you work into the evening, no matter how many windows you have in your home office, you'll need to invest in good lighting. The best home office lighting is a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting, making it easy to concentrate while feeling simultaneously at ease. What's the joy in working from home without some home comforts, after all?

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Stylish Storage

Concentration requires a clean work surface and therefore you can't afford to have papers piling up. So, if storage is so essential, why not make it stylish, too? When it comes to home office ideas for small spaces and all other types of homes, there's nothing as important as storage. Decluttering digitally, physically and mentally will revolutionise your home office and transform any room in your home into a haven of creativity and hard work. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your surroundings is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of productivity. So, make the most of being at home by cultivating a calm and decluttered home office.

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Bonus Tip: Zone with a feature wall

Whether you're working with an alcove or you've just simply assigned your home office to a small area, there are lots of things you can do to make the most of it. The first thing we suggest is defining the wall to make it a distinguishable space. This can be done with paint, panelling or vertical storage. Using design devices such as these allows you to compartmentalise both physically and mentally.