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Home office inspiration

Home office inspiration

At Raft we have home office inspiration in abundance. We believe in using thoughtful interior design to transform seemingly sterile spaces, whether that's your home office or your bathroom. Your home office needn't be plain and boring... you spend most of your week there, after all. Be inspired by a home office rich with creativity. This home office inspiration blog will transform your space into a haven of productivity.

Home Office Inspiration: Dos and Don'ts


Be mindful of your backdrop

With meetings moving online, your virtual presence requires a mindful background. This has come to be known as a ‘Zoom stage’ and is something we’re keen to become experts on. We love feature walls for the way they add texture, intrigue and character to a space.

Add indoor foliage

Plants are a fantastic and very necessary addition to your home office. Not just because they offer a burst of colour and life to your interiors, but also because of the health benefits of indoor foliage. Studies conducted by NASA in the 1980s show that houseplants can improve the air quality in your room (even in spacecraft!) 


Skip on storage 

Of all the advice we can offer, the most important thing is never to skip on storage. Decluttering is the key to creating an oasis of productivity and calm, with benefits that far outweigh the cost of buying furniture. Opt for some under-desk drawers and hidden storage for a minimalist, clean aesthetic. Or, make a statement with storage that doubles up as an objet d’art such as our Witney Cabinet with Shelves or our Witney Bookcase.

Choosing the perfect home office furniture  

It's natural for us to get carried away thinking about home office ideas and forgetting about the staple pieces we need to create a functional space. That;s why it's important to ask yourself some basic foundational questions when you get started: What home office desk is right for you? Are you in the creative industry, in need of space for inspiration and clutter? Are you big on organisation and in need of maximum storage solutions and order? Or, are you working from home in a small apartment and dreaming of a chic office space but can't seem to work out how a home office is possible at all?! 

Home Office Inspiration: Interior Design Themes

The distant shores home office

home office ideas


Opt for an elegant contrast of white or pale upholstery on a simple teak chair. This will create a look of nautical, grecian simplicity and give your home office a lightness. The Adelaide Chair shown captures the pared-down aesthetic we love in rooms that want to capture the Distant Shores trend. 


Our Teak Root Glass Desk is stunningly sophisticated and pays tribute to its roots, quite literally. The raw and unique teak retains its natural splits, knots and characteristics making this home office desk an objet d’art. The sustainably sourced teak is then paired with toughened glass for durability and elegance. The perfect timeless statement for the modern home, giving a nod to the distant shores interior design style.


If your home office interior design style is that of distant shores, you’re going to want to keep your space simple and fresh with metallic lighting. Our Domme Floor Lamp is a slim and subtle lighting solution with an antique brass finish for a clean look when space is at a premium.

An office with a view

office desk by a window with a view


If you’ve positioned your home office desk in front of a window, it will become a personal retreat. For this reason, choosing an upholstered seat with a curved, supportive back might serve as a trusty daydreaming companion, too. Our Soho Chairs have an art-deco aesthetic and are available in thousands of fabrics… you can even personalise them with two different fabrics front and back. 


An office with a view needs ample hidden storage in order to offer the window centre stage. A simple office desk with drawers will provide your work space with a decluttering station and add some detail to your set up. 


Good news! If you can find an office space that puts your desk facing towards a window, you’ve saved yourself a lot of legwork when it comes to lighting. However, it’s still wise to invest in a lamp for some focused task lighting. Our Chalgrove Lamp is popular for its industrial simplicity.

A dark and woody home office

home office ideas hudson desk and velvet chair


Our Albany Chairs boast an elegant and sophisticated curve for comfort and style. The gentle sloping design is supportive while the upholstery is generously plush. The model shown in the picture is upholstered in a gorgeously rich stain resistant velvet. The aesthetic is dark and woody, complemented by rich textures such as dark grey velvets and charcoal jute baskets. 


We love it for its sleek design and the fact that it takes up hardly any space! The grain of the teak is unique in each piece and serves rustic elegance! Accommodating a small storage cabinet with 3 drawers underneath, this office desk has it all.


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