How to cool your room without an air conditioner

How to cool your room without an air conditioner
This year, England has seen the longest spell of hot weather in 60 years and there's one thing we all want to know: How to cool down your room without an air conditioner. Tossing and turning throughout the night, praying for a tropical storm to cool down the air? You're not alone. However, there are steps you can take to eliminate the stuffy, sticky temperature from your bedroom and return to the peaceful night's sleep that you deserve. 

1. Choose your mattress wisely 

If you fell into the body hugging, seemingly luxurious trap of buying a memory foam mattress, this could be the reason why you're struggling to sleep during the summer. Your bed should be a year round delight and unfortunately that is not always the case when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Although the memory foam model broke the internet a few years ago, dubbed a universal great fit, this has been proven to be a myth. This is not to say it doesn't have benefits for some people, such as those with arthritis or allergies. However, if you sleep hot, opting for a natural mattress will change your life. The scientific reason for this is that mattresses that have plastics and polymers are not breathable and will make you sweat in the summer. We like to compare it to the difference between wearing real jeans or jeans with lycra in them. At Raft, we sell Hypnos mattresses because we are dedicated to optimum quality and a home experience that feels as good as it looks. Hypnos are the only mattress company with the royal warrant from the Queen. What's more, Raft is the only company in the world to buy 100% natural mattresses manufactured by Hypnos with our personalised specification.

2. Opt for linen bedding for its body heat-regulating properties

Again, this tip is referring to the cooling qualities of natural materials. Linen is undoubtedly stylish and relaxed in style, requiring little TLC and a holy grail for summer nights. Recently we've been experiencing evenings that can only be likened to a balmy Mediterranean night and linen is the key to making your bed your safe haven. Made from the fibres of a flax plant, this material is light-weight and breathable. Cotton is also a good choice due to its body heat-regulating properties.

 3. Indoor plants for a refreshing air quality

House plants are a brilliant way to freshen up a space, both in terms of look and feel. We love the way they offer some life to an urban space, breaking up the concrete jungle if you live in a city. However, beyond that, populating your interiors with indoor foliage is a brilliant way to regulate the temperature in the room. They will add some humidity to your room and improve the air quality. Need some guidance regarding houseplant choice? We love an Aloe Vera plant because it can cool the air temperature and remove formaldehyde from the air. Areca Plant trees are also an excellent choice; they're simple and make a statement and also are great air humidifiers. Or how about a recommendation from NASA? A Snake plant could be the perfect choice for you, managing with low light levels and irregular watering (so making for the perfect houseplant).

4. Water is your best friend

A rule of keeping cool is staying hydrated and using water in every which way you can. Everything from sipping ice water to having a cold shower before getting into bed will work a treat. We also have tried and tested hanging damp sheets by a portable fan to circulate cool air and it works! Another idea is to fill up a hot water bottle with cold water and keeping it with you in bed... Basically, water is your holy grail when it comes to dealing with this hot weather. With a tap nearby, you'll never be out of options to cool down your bedroom (and yourself) during this sticky summer evenings.