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How to declutter and organise a small home

How to declutter and organise a small home
Knowing how to declutter and organise your home is about finding everything a place. It's simple to scribble down the word 'declutter' and brush the technicalities of such a task under the carpet and that's why we've put in the legwork and decided to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide to organising your home. From effective storage solutions to simply understanding the format of a room, we asked our head of visual merchandising how he declutters and organises interiors...

It has to get worse before it gets better

As with all things, don't expect your home to transform overnight. When it comes to decluttering and organising, it's absolutely a work in progress and you need to have patience. Start your process by compartmentalising the different sections of your home and working on each part one at a time. When you have a system, everything will be more manageable.

"Does it spark joy?" - Marie Kondo

If you have read any of Marie Kondo's books or watched her Netflix documentary Tidying up with Marie Kondo you will recognise the phrase "Does it spark joy?". This principle is one we are definitely in agreement with because the key to an organised home is one that isn't cluttered with things you don't want or need anymore. If something is surplus to requirement, donate, dispose or recycle it.

Choosing a sofa for a small space 

The best sofa for small spaces are those that are elevated off the floor and have slim arms. The reason for this is that the slimline frame boasts more seating space without bulking up room. What's more, when a sofa is higher off the ground you can see the flooring underneath, creating a spacious aesthetic. We recommend our Seattle and our Madison sofas and we also make accompanying footstools with storage space inside.

Making the most of an alcove 

An alcove needs to be taken advantage of our it can effectively amount to dead space. Our Visual Merchandiser recommends using statement wallpaper to create intrigue and give the space an accent. Depending on the size of the alcove, you can use it as a hub for a large plant or make your very own cosy reading corner with an armchair. Alternatively, place a floor lamp in your alcove to give the space some depth. Another option is to find a storage unit such as our Witney Bookcase to slot in the space and keep things out of the way in an organised manner.

Make your small bedroom a haven of relaxation 

For us, achieving a level of tranquility in your bedroom means stripping away excess clutter and ensuring a calming, minimalist space. The way we encourage doing this is by sticking to hidden storage solutions that remove clutter from view. Placing an ottoman at the end of your bed is an effective place to store extra bedding and general eye sores. Beyond this, jute baskets and a timeless teak wardrobe will ensure that your room is simple and sophisticated and space is saved.  

Decor and storage in one

If you can choose a storage solution that doubles up as a display piece then you're onto a winner. Photo frames, plants, books and candles look elegant when stood on shelves and display cabinets and stacked in storage cubes. Our teak and concrete storage cubes are perfect for storing records.

A little goes a long way 

When we hear the word storage, we usually think of big boxes and under-bed drawers but we forget about the finer details. If you're trying to organise a home office it's important to consider where your pens will be stored. Making a statement with seemingly mundane everyday storage solutions has the ability to elevate a sterile space. Storing home office pens in an Espresso Mug or kitchen washing up products in a Concrete Planter, for example.