Christmas Cheese Board

Christmas Cheese Board
Your Christmas cheese board is the key to festive hosting, transforming your entertaining skills like nothing else. The Christmas period is beloved for many reasons but the glory of cheese boards is among them. Serve as an accompaniment to drinks, an indulgent appetiser or an after-dinner spread. This is our how-to guide, in honour of our beautiful and well-loved Teak Serving Board...

The 3 golden rules of variety when selecting your cheese for your Christmas cheese board:

  1. Texture 
  2. Strength 
  3. Type of milk
When it comes to how you arrange your cheese on your Teak Serving Board, we suggest beginning with the softest and working your way round to the hardest. Make an exception for your blue cheese which will stand alone as the strongest flavour. 
  1. Begin with a cylinder of creamy goat's cheese (chèvre) for a creamy yet fresh and tangy taste.
  2. Next, a wheel of camembert will act as the perfect complementary texture and flavour.
  3. Now fan out a hard cheese such as a manchego, made from sheep’s milk.
  4. Finally, add a healthy wedge of your favourite blue cheese.
  5. Use cheese markers (homemade flags on cocktail sticks will work) to explain to guests which cheese is which.

Finishing touches: 

  • Fan out a variety of crackers for serving.
  • Add colour and flavour with red grapes, dried figs and apricots. 
  • Include a pot of quince jelly for colour, texture and taste. 
  • Oh, and wine, of course. 

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