Flat sofa? Here's how to plump your sofa

Flat sofa? Here's how to plump your sofa

If you have a flat sofa, this is how to plump it to keep it looking brand new for years to come. Due to the high-quality materials and handmade care that goes into our sofas, they require plumping and your care to maintain their timeless beauty. Raft sofas promise comfort, style and timelessness and in return, need to be plumped every now and again.

Founded in 1999 with sustainability and quality at its core, Raft makes furniture that transcends interior design trends and fads. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, our range of staple models and bespoke service ensures that your perfect sofa is a Raft sofa. Our New York Sofa is featured in The Independent's roundup of the best sofas 2023 and we spied our Columbus Modular Sofa in the Independent's best corner sofas article. The fact that people love our sofas so much makes us even more eager to spread the word about how to keep them looking showroom-worthy.

We are asked constantly how we get our sofas to look so irresistible in photoshoots and our showrooms and there is one industry secret we can't believe nobody is talking about... watch the video we put together to show you how!


Follow these 4 steps to easily combat your flat sofa woes.

How to plump your flat sofa:


Firstly, it's incredibly important to unzip your cushion case. Without unzipping the case of your cushion, there is nowhere for the air to go when you plump it. This is even more important when you're dealing with a leather sofa.


To plump your cushion, you must bounce the unzipped cushion on a hard surface (such as the floor) on all four edges. It is not necessary to bash the cushion on the front or back as the aim is to create more air in the centre of the cushion and allow the feathers to create depth in the seat.

3. RE-ZIP 

After you've plumped your pillows and redistributed the air and feathers, re-zip the cushion case. The interiors are incredibly generous so you'll have to slightly push them back in order to close the zip.


Repeat with each seat and back cushion, as well as the scatters. Repeat this process as necessary or whenever you're hosting and want people wow-ing at your "brand new" sofas!