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How to refresh your home for the Spring with accessories

How to refresh your home for the Spring with accessories
We're currently dreaming of accessories that'll officially take our homes from Winter to Spring... Blue skies and blossoming trees outside remind us that Spring is here, but lockdown requires our homes to give us those same Spring-time vibes. Accessories from planters to brightly coloured throws and scatter cushions are the key to refreshing your interiors this season. Keep reading for some how-to tips, that’ll provide you with a guide to tweak your living space this Spring.

1. Add a pop of colour with throws and scatter cushions

Changing up the colour scheme in your home by making the most of accessories is an effective way to refresh your interiors. We love working around the season and for the Spring time we’re big fans of pastel hues for a light, soft feel. Our handmade cushions come in mint and blush (although they're selling very fast).  Below is our new Chilson Throw, Sorbet

2. Planters and greenery for a fresh look and feel

We are huge advocates of bringing greenery indoors and at a time such as this, we’ve never felt stronger. The health benefits of keeping indoor plants are widespread, relating to mental health as well as generally improving the air quality and oxygen in a room. We always recommend indoor plants to those who live in the city, surrounded by a concrete jungle. However, during the lockdown, maximum time spent at home means you need to think of ways to make up for the lack of fresh air and varied landscapes.

3. Dot diffusers around your home to welcome Spring-time scents

One of the most distinctive qualities that define each season are the scents. When you think of winter, you think cinnamon, mulled wine and open fires. Autumn means the earthy smell of fallen leaves. Summer aromas are suncream, Pimm's and the smell of freshly cut grass. When we think of Spring we think of fresh fruit and flowers, as it's the season of blossoms and warming weather. So, if you want to incorporate some springtime aromas into your home, the RAFT range of diffusers will definitely do the trick. Choose from an array of scents from Pomegranate and Lily to Pink Grapefruit and Champagne. Check them out on our website, now. All in stock... Raft Reed Diffuser - Wild Mint & Bergamot Raft Reed Diffuser - Pomegranate & Lily Raft Reed Diffuser - Pink Rhubarb Raft Reed Diffuser - Champagne & Pink Grapefruit

4. Mirrors to open up a space and let in more light

Mirrors are the ultimate accessory ‘cos they serve many functions. Other than the obvious practical aspect of a mirror, they work a charm when it comes to maximising a small space. Choosing a tall mirror will draw the eye upwards, elongating the room. Or alternatively, place it at the same level as a pendant light or window will ensure it reflects light, both artificial and natural to make your room brighter.

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