Interior Design Ideas 2022: 5 Trends of the New Year

Interior Design Ideas 2022: 5 Trends of the New Year

Interior design ideas 2022 shift away from multi-functional spaces and towards reclaiming your personal space. A much welcomed move towards wellness in our homes dominates trends of 2022, aligning with our values from the beginning. Raft is proud to champion timeless design and pieces that are handmade to last a lifetime. Therefore, we're delighted to see that 2022 interior design is centralising conscious consumerism, authenticity and reclaiming home comforts. We reject fads but love the fluid nature of interior design, allowing our homes to evolve as we do.

1. Bringing the outdoors in

The wellness trend is here to stay and part of that is bringing the outdoors in. A re-emergence of the natural is here to revitalise the minimalist aesthetic. There's nothing like indoor foliage to bring a burst of freshness and life to your interiors. Complementing every kind of home, house plants are a must for 2022.

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2. Colourful Kitchens

Bisham dining table with green walls

Colourful kitchens are set to be a big trend in 2022 and although we're partial to a neutral colour palette, we're very much on board with this idea. Your kitchen should be a place where you feel inspired and alive. Sage green, viridian, cobalt blue and teal are dominating kitchen mood boards for 2022. So, paint your cabinetry, play with fabrics for upholstered dining chairs or simply some statement crockery.

3. Curved Furniture

Rounded furniture, curved lines and generously plush, cloud-like structures are well and truly in. Over 15 years ago, we launched our Lincoln Sofa and have watched it thrive year after year. In 2022, our trend forecast suggests that the Lincoln could be our best selling sofa. Why? Because our Lincoln has curved arms, plump seat cushions and a generous supply of huge back cushions that overlap to create an indulgent and luxurious lounging experience. What's more, this season we've opted for a pale, seasonal neutral across all of our showrooms.

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4. Sleeping Sanctuary

sleeping sanctuary with upholstered bed interior design ideas 2022

2022 is all about reclaiming your home and creating dedicated spaces for relaxation. Above all else, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Decluttering is the key to achieving an oasis of tranquility, as well as incorporating natural interior design, as mentioned above. Organic linens, plush rugs, upholstered beds and moody lighting are must-haves for your 2022 bedroom.

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5. White and off-white sofas

interior design ideas white sofa for 2022

Opting for off-whites may seem like risky business but 2022 calls for elevated style and clean neutrals. Simplicity, serenity and wellbeing are at the top of interior design priorities this year and an off-white sofa is the perfect base. The best bit? At Raft, we offer a huge range of stain resistant fabrics that are hydrophobic. This means that any spillages can be easily wiped off, leaving your white sofa white!

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