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Modular Sofa: 5 ways to style our modular sofas

Modular Sofa: 5 ways to style our modular sofas

A modular sofa is the perfect solution for the ever-changing home. A simple concept that makes versatile living easy and effortless. At Raft, we're all about cultivating a space that is stylish, comfortable and practical... so, our sectional designs are a no-brainer for the modern, hosting home.

Deciding on the kind of sofa you want depends on how you live and use your space. A modular sofa is an excellent choice for someone who envisions an adaptable room. Each section of your sofa provides an opportunity to accommodate different room usages. So, whether you're looking forward to a cosy night in, an evening hosting friends or a sofa bed for guests, this is the answer. For sophisticated versatility, the Columbus Modular Sofa or Loft Modular Sofa strike the perfect balance between timeless and contemporary style. Or, if you're looking for a space saving solution, opt for the Studio Loft.

What is a modular sofa?

A modular sofa is a sofa made up of a range of different sections that slot together in various ways. Depending on the shape and size of your living space, this kind of sofa model will adapt accordingly. The flexibility offered by a sectional design is especially beneficial for family homes where life is fast-paced and ever-changing. You can keep adding infills years down the line... What's not to love? Here are the pieces that make up a Raft modular sofa:

Corner Piece

cutout of sofa corner piece


cutout of sofa infill


cutout of footstool

Entire modular sofa

5 ways to style your modular sofa

There are many ways to style a sofa with detachable sections. What's more? You can always update your model by adding more infills later on down the line. This makes this kind of a model ideal for a growing household! Here, we show you five simple ways to style your sofa. We've also got some great content up on our Youtube channel, where we've recorded members of our team explaining and showing you how to create these different looks. Note: We're not cinematographers and our Youtube tutorials are proudly ad hoc!

1. Standard Sofa - The Loft

2. Storage Space Sofa - The Columbus

Separate your modular unit with a storage cube for style and practicality.

Modular sofa with teak storage cube in place of infill

3. Sofa Bed

Reconfigure your sofa to host guests over the holidays. The most comfortable sofa bed you can imagine...

Sofa bed with indoor plant and floor lamp

4. U Shape Sofa

Add an extra footstool to create a U-shaped sofa or occasional seat.

Grey modular sofa with loose footstool

5. Sociable Separate Sofas

Split your sofa in two to create a sociable layout. Place a coffee table in the middle and host coffee mornings or relaxed drinks.

Sofa separated in two for a sociable layout

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