How to achieve the perfect night in

How to achieve the perfect night in

Whether your idea of the perfect night in is spent solo or in company, the key to achieving a setting that justifies ditching the taxi fare on a Friday or Saturday night is interiors. Home is where the heart is... but, let's be honest, you're going to need more than that to entertain guests and host the perfect night in. Good company and good food are a great place to start. Beyond that, it's all about lighting, music and comfort. Transform your home into a haven for sophisticated relaxation and good times with these four simple tricks.   

1. Get the ambiance right with moody lighting

Adding some mood lighting to a room can transform a space from one that facilitates the hectic nature of everyday life to a haven for relaxation. A table lamp will add a soft glow to your room; pick a lamp shade with an earthy tone for a natural hue without the harshness that can accompany artificial light. To complement the dimmed, gentle lighting of the room, a few candles will also add a lovely touch. A gently flickering flame brings a subtle warmth to a room, unmatched by any modern invention. The low light from a candle is perfect for an intimate feel, dimming your surroundings and stimulating a cosy, romantic ambiance. Below is our Harvard Table Lamp.

Lamp shade for moody lighting

2. Sharing is caring... did somebody say cheese and wine?

When it comes to ditching the dinner reservation and opting for a low-key option at home, our favourite idea involves a Teak Serving Board and sharing food that you can pick at all night. In the photo below we've gone for a French theme, pairing red wine with cheese, crackers, figs and grapes. However, you can definitely make this idea your own, adding cured meats and crusty bread, or ditching the charcuterie theme altogether and creating a spread of your personal favourites. Make the occasion special by serving them up on our rustic Teak Wood Tear Plates as seen below.

Cheesboard on Raft teak serving board

3. Dress your living room to impress

The living room, when dressed right, should seem to possess a magnetic force. Opt for a lick of paint with calming hues, dimmed lighting and a sofa that simultaneously screams comfort and style. We're talking scatter cushions, throws and somewhere to put your feet up. Choosing a theme for your room will help to give it an aesthetic that beats any night out. Who needs to head to a trendy bar when you've got all the booze, indulgence and style you need at home?

4. A house without books is like a room without windows... movies also work

If you're a home body who often finds yourself leaning towards your own company then you are probably in the process of perfecting a much practised night-in. It's not uncommon to fall into the trap of mindlessly scrolling through your laptop, phone or tablet and discovering you've been lost in the bright white screen for longer than you'd hoped. Spending time alone without contact with the outer world is a special art which, once perfected, will transform your life. Getting lost in a great book or an A-class movie lends itself perfectly to a solo night-in, a hot chocolate (or a glass of wine) and a happy home-owner.

Book on teak armrest with glass of red wine