Raft launches New Autumn Winter 2023 Furniture Collection: Discover warm neutrals and fluid shapes

Raft launches New Autumn Winter 2023 Furniture Collection: Discover warm neutrals and fluid shapes

Welcome to the world of Raft Furniture, where luxury meets sustainability. Our Autumn Winter 2023 Collection is here to redefine your living space with warm neutrals, fluid shapes, and enduring craftsmanship. Elevate Your Home with Raft's Sustainable and Stylish Furniture...

Handmade for Life

Experience the artistry of London-made furniture. Our sustainable European hardwood frames, strengthened with glue, screws, and dowels, guarantee lasting quality. Upholstered in ethically sourced fabrics, these pieces blend comfort and conscience seamlessly.

The Renaissance of the Loft Modular Sofa

Introducing the Raft Loft Modular Sofa's new curved design—an embodiment of possibilities. Transform your living space with this innovative and elegant piece, marrying style and flexibility.

Dining Redefined

Elevate your dining experience with Raft's new collection. Clean lines, touchable surfaces, and the warmth of reclaimed peroba wood define the Hutton collection. Clayborne Chairs offer both sinuous design and plush comfort, creating a truly sensory dining journey.

Our Sustainable Legacy

Since 1999, Raft Furniture has been synonymous with sustainable luxury. Handcrafted with care, our London-made sofas and signature reclaimed teak pieces tell stories of responsible production. Embrace timeless designs and a commitment to our planet.

Visit our Showrooms! 

Step into a world of elegance, knowledge, and approachability. Just like our welcoming London home, Raft's family is full of character. Join us for inspiring interiors and a community that values quality, comfort, and sustainability. We have showrooms in Westfield White City, St Albans, Richmond and Cricklewood. 

Experience Sustainable Luxury

Explore the fusion of sustainability and luxury in Raft's Autumn Winter 2023 Collection. Break free from trends and discover pieces that stand the test of time. Elevate your space with style that endures.

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