Stay home... on a sofa you don't want to leave

Stay home... on a sofa you don't want to leave
The government's stay at home order has undoubtedly taken some of the enjoyment out of just chilling out on the sofa. Walking past the living room and glancing over at your sofa used to come with a slice of temptation and an invitation to abandon responsibilities... However, now that staying at home on your sofa is your responsibility, we're keen to get that luxurious sofa sentiment back. So, we're abandoning the theory "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and focusing on how to choose the perfect sofa for you: a love at first sight piece that just gets better with age. 

How to choose the perfect sofa for your home

When choosing the perfect sofa for your home, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Your interior design style, your living room colour scheme, how much space is available and who will be sitting on said sofa. These factors will allow you to think about the size, shape, material and colour of your new sofa in a way that perfectly fuses practicality with aesthetics.

Brightly coloured sofas 

Opting for a sofa in a bright magenta, teal or mustard might be the best idea you've had all year if you're looking to freshen up your living space. With mood-boosting qualities, bold colours can stimulate productivity, energy levels and general feelings of positivity, transforming your sofa from a guilty pleasure to a centrepiece of pride. We love bright, feature sofas in spaces that are neutral and low-key as much as quirky, unique living rooms that artistically mix and match complementary colours. Below is our Madison Sofa.

Leather sofas 

You're dying for the addition of a leather sofa to your home but you want to know why you should choose a leather sofa, to justify the interior revamp... Well, the real question is: why not? A durable and high quality material, perfect for family life and sophisticated hosting, leather is also easy to style with complementary textures from throws to cushions. What's more, they age with grace and are easy to clean. Below is our Oscar Sofa.

Corner sofas 

Corner units are the ultimate piece of family furniture, ideal for entertaining large groups and just general vegging out. However, we'd recommend corner sofas to just about anyone from couples to families as they boast maximum comfort and luxury lounging. A great interior design hack to divide a room or maximise a small space that needs maximum seating. Below is our Melrose Sofa.

Formal sofas  

If you're looking for a statement sofa with an elegant aesthetic and element of formality, opt for a firmer sofa, elevated on slimmer legs. The perfect place to entertain guests, read the newspaper or have your morning coffee. Firm yet luxurious, a formal sofa such as this oozes class and sophistication, making your home the perfect place to host a soirée. Below is our Stanford Sofa.

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