Teak Root Glass Table: A Spotlight

Teak Root Glass Table: A Spotlight

Teak is our signature material and we love using it to create beautiful and unique pieces. The Teak Root Glass Table is a famous Raft piece that was designed by co-founder Mick Quinn. With sustainability at the root of Raft, it's fitting that this statement table is supported by a FLEGT certified teak root. Each table is totally unique and beautiful in its own way. This week's blog shines a spotlight on this long-standing favourite. 

The Design: An Objet d'Art

Salvaged from Indonesian swampland, skilled artisanship transforms teak roots into an objet d’art. Each piece is unique and the density of its natural makeup renders it virtually indestructible. The raw, rustic feel of the material complements any interior.

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Mick Quinn, co-founder and co-director of Raft Furniture was the brains behind this design. Speaking to him this week, I asked him what inspired his design:

"The Dining Table is always the centrepiece but so rarely delivers as much form as it does function. My aim was to create a table that doubles up as an objet d'art. The concept behind this table was quite literally displaying form and function in equal measure. Everyone is constantly transfixed on our teak roots. What's so special about them is that we polish the top for a smooth and tactile experience (the top of the teak comes through the glass at the top of the table) but we leave the sides unpolished to embrace that warts and all look."

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The Teak Root Glass Desk is the perfect statement piece for your home office. The contemporary glass top is paired with a natural sustainable teak root to deliver an organic but refined feel. Our teak roots retain the natural splits, knots and characteristics from the original tree stump, meaning that each piece is authentic and beautiful. This is a bespoke table which Raft will make to order using extra toughened glass.

teak root glass desk for home office

Our aim when it comes to creating furniture is giving sterile spaces life and character. This year it's become mandatory to create a dedicated work from home space and we can't think of a better centrepiece than this desk. Doubling up as a console table or a dressing table, this stunning glass top desk promises authenticity and style. Find inspiration wherever you are.