Unique home accessories for statement interiors

Unique home accessories for statement interiors

Unique home accessories are much sought after because they bring a touch of individuality and character to your home. Whether you're looking for a centrepiece for your dining table or a piece d'art in your bedroom, it's hard to know where to begin. At Raft, we pride ourselves on our entire end to end process. In order to cultivate our beautiful collections we do our research. Seeking inspiration in nature, architecture and in everyday life, our design team is never short of ideas. To find the perfect unique home decor for you, browse our accessories collection and choose something today. What's more? Right now we are enjoying our Summer Sale, meaning that loads of our accessories in-store and online is available at a discounted price.

Statement Storage Accessories 

You can never underestimate the power of storage. Decluttering your home is the key to feeling calm and stress-free in your living space. However, often we don't consider alternative, stylish storage solutions. At Raft, we stock unique home accessories that double up as decor and storage. Take our Lifestyle Storage Cube and Concrete Storage Cube, for example. Simple and minimalist with an authentic charm. The clean simplicity of the material is showcased in all of its glory, providing the perfect spot to place a plant and display books, records, throws or more. Our Teak Branch Coat Stand is loved for its quirky and unique design and our Bamboo Ladder is the Pinterest go-to for hanging throws, bathroom towels and jewellery.

Unique Materials for Your Home Decor

Quality that shines from the inside out is what our furniture and accessories are all about. That's why we use beautiful and unique materials that are durable. The carefully curated collection, materials and handmade process we use ensures that each accessory is special. Check out our NEW Arles Bowl, a large paper mache bowl, inspired by Provençal design. Its striking, summery aesthetic has taken the internet by storm and we love filling it with lemons to give it a Sicilian twist.

Statement Teak Decor

Unique home accessories teak serving board cheeseboard

It's no secret that reclaimed and sustainably sourced teak is our secret ingredient when it comes to unique interior design. Both refined and rustic, teak wood is the key to a beautiful but unique home. Because of the way we source, season and hand make our furniture and accessories, no two pieces of teak furniture from Raft are the same. We're constantly amazed by the beauty of this natural material and love the way it gives character and charm to any living space. When it comes to unique home decor, we believe that there's no more effortless way to achieve an organic and authentic look than with teak accessories.

Unique home accessories teak armrest

Our signature Teak Serving Boards double up, possessing function and form in equal measure. Create a bistro-worthy charcuterie board or put it on display purely for the aesthetic. Or what about our Teak Bowl? A stunning fruit bowl, paying tribute to nature with its organic edge and unique teak marbling. If you're leaning more towards practicality, our Teak Armrest is the ultimate winner. Celebrated by the internet as a lifehack, this sofa accessory is a must-have for every home. Ideal for Raft Sofas but also works with most others.

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