Fabric Bed Trend Report

Fabric Bed Trend Report

Want a fabric bed? You're not alone. The rise of upholstered beds undoubtedly deserves a loud and proud trend report from Raft. If we're honest, there's a special place in our hearts for all kinds of beds, depending on the style of interiors. We love the palatial grandeur of Four Poster Beds in light and airy warehouses. We're also here for the contemporary aesthetic of Cube Beds popular in Manhattan pent-houses. However, today we're discussing upholstered beds in particular. The surge in their popularity has taken the world by storm. The reputation of the upholstered bed has been catapulted from a luxury in Parisian boutique hotels to a must-have for all kinds of homes.

Upholstered beds are all about texture...

Raft Furniture upholstered bed with feature wall with concrete storage cube and table lamp

Napa Bed

We're huge advocates of discovering your signature style and making it work for you, both functionally and aesthetically. When pulling together a mood board, our Visual Merchandiser likes to establish a neutral base colour and build from there. He's keen on playing around with textures to create a warm and inviting space that is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable to live in. For example, although we love hard wood floors, cold minimalism has no place in our dream bedroom vision. Therefore, we're always sure to introduce rich, plush textures, too. From rugs, throws, curtains and scatters to upholstered beds, it's important to soften a space to make it liveable. Rich, grey, stain-resistant velvets are usually our go-to when it comes to upholstered beds. We love the temptation they offer our tactile nature, making the idea of stretching out in bed even more appealing.

Mixing materials with a fabric bed

upholstered bed Piermont Bed, Bench, Jute Basket

Piermont Bed

If you're subscribed to our email newsletters, you've definitely heard us speaking about our love of combining the elements to create a tranquil union of natural materials. Cultivating a space that oozes serenity and a sense of completeness is the ultimate goal in interior design and your bedroom deserves a lot of dedicated time and attention. As a personal haven that you use to unwind, it's important to incorporate some natural elements and create some depth and intrigue with mixed materials.

Gone are the days of choosing one look from the interior design catalogue and plastering your home with that trend, it's time to mix and match your favourite materials, finishes and styles to create a timeless space that transcends decades. Upholstered furniture epitomises the union of form and function, promising comfort and indulgence... for this reason, it'll never go out of fashion and will offer the perfect staple centrepiece for your bedroom.

Classically beautiful and timeless

Montclair Bed upholstered bed Raft Furniture with fabric ottoman and teak bedside cabinet

Montclair Bed

Upholstered beds have never gone out of style, they've just recently entered the mainstream. Typically seen in boutique hotels for their romantic aesthetic, the plush upholstery of these beds makes them a luxury item. However, now we're proudly mixing and matching different interior design trends in a bid to reject being trapped in an aesthetic time capsule. For this reason, upholstered beds have become a popular model for all styles of interiors.