Using natural materials in your home

Using natural materials in your home
Using natural materials in your home is RAFT's speciality, as natural aesthetics and natural origins are the backbone of our brand. We pride ourselves on our limited environmental footprint and the ethical process to which we are dedicated. We are totally transparent about who we are, believing that you deserve to know where the products you love come from. A thoughtful, homegrown, family-run company that champions natural all the way...

The benefits of using natural materials in your home

For homes that lack natural light or the luxury of a view that boasts flora and fauna, it's important to introduce some elements of nature inside. From indoor plants, potted in concrete and teak planters to teak root coffee tables and natural fibre upholstered sofas. Such natural materials will boost productivity levels, tranquility and general feelings of mental wellbeing. Beyond this, they can also create an aesthetic that is rich in texture and depth, altogether improving the general look of a room. Natural materials are also often more durable and able to sustain the everyday wear and tear of life. At RAFT, we are renowned for our sustainably sourced teak that we harvest from the swamps in Indonesia. The raw and authentic nature of this material that has often been reclaimed means that each piece has had a journey, promising character and authenticity.

How to incorporate natural materials into your home...

1. Leather sofas There is no more worthwhile investment than your dream sofa. Your sofa should be the epicentre of your home, drawing you in after a hard day's work or long evening out. When it comes to choosing your material, perhaps you could consider cotton or linens to offer your room a natural feel that is classic and traditional. Or, how about leather? Leather is the ultimate natural material, superior even to the fantastic poly fibres available now (that are indistinguishable from natural cottons, linens and velvet, other than being far easier to clean). Leather achieves the perfect balance between natural and durable, only getting better with age. However, when you're buying leather to add a natural feel to your home, ensure that you are buying high-quality, full-grain leather. This will avoid the volatility of cheap leathers that makes them hot and sticky in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. 2. Teak furniture and accessories  Wooden furniture is timeless... we really do believe that it will never go out of style. Humankind has had a relationship with wood since the beginning of time and the authentic, tactile nature of the material is unrivalled by any other. Energising and comforting, wood is undoubtedly the greatest example of why natural materials in the home are a great idea. At RAFT, we love teak and the way that each piece is unique in its golden grain. 3. 100% natural mattresses It's tempting to brush over the importance of buying the right mattress for you, especially when you want to physically see the transformation after an interior makeover. However, a new mattress is the purchase that will make the most difference to your bedroom and relationship with your bed.   A few years ago, memory foam mattresses were all the rage, dubbed a universal great fit. However, if you sleep hot, opting for a natural mattress is absolutely the way forward. This is because mattresses that have plastics and polymers which are not breathable and make you sweat. It's like the difference between wearing real jeans vs jeans with lycra in them. Hypnos mattresses are the best of the best - the only mattress company with the royal warrant from the Queen. What's more, Raft is the only company in the world to buy 100% natural mattresses manufactured by Hypnos with our personalised specification. 4. Indoor foliage potted in natural planters      Introducing greenery into your home is the most simple way to transform a space from dull to full of life. We're massive advocates of indoor foliage, from hanging plants to large potted trees (Fiddle-leaf figs are our favourite at the moment). What's more, they also pose an opportunity to introduce some natural wood or concrete in the form of planters.