Warm Minimalism: Interior Design Trend of 2022

Warm Minimalism: Interior Design Trend of 2022
Warm minimalism is an interior design trend that has emerged in 2022. Fusing the authenticity and intention of minimalism with a cosy, homely warmth, we look forward to seeing this concept in homes across the globe. From a calming, warm colour palette to the use of textures and authentic pieces, Raft explains how to achieve warm minimalism in 2022. Above is our Hilmond Mirror, Brown Rowland Woven Chair and Concrete Hurricane Planter.

A shift from minimalism to warm minimalism

This year, we're seeing a shift away from traditional minimalism, towards a warmer alternative. This brand of minimalism prioritises comfort without clutter. Maintaining its practicality without stripping a home of its character, you can achieve the best of both worlds. For critics of minimalism, it denotes cold and lifeless showrooms that provide a canvas but not a genuine home to live in. Warm minimalism essentially creates more with less. Although it stays true to the philosophy that "less is more", this aesthetic creates depth with more layering and textures. While minimalist interiors champion monochrome colour schemes, marble and glass, warm minimalism comprises of soft textiles, organic wood and earthy colour palettes.

Warm Colour Palette

In order to indulge in the shift away from traditional minimalism towards its warm counterpart, the first thing you should do is consider your colour palette. Find inspiration in nature, from warm woody shades to the terracotta hue of autumn leaves and the gentle beige to off-white look of a sandy  beach. The best thing about this interior design aesthetic? These colours are extremely easy to work with, naturally complementing each other and unifying to create a beautiful flow in your interiors. Cultivate a sense of Feng Shui with the warm minimalism trend, allowing you to be at one with your environment.

Tactile interior design meets warm minimalism

Above is our Melrose Sofa Bed and Teak Root Side Table The warmth of this variation of minimalism is cultivated not only by the colour palette but also by tactile textures. In order to create a space that still feels comfortable and indulgent without overcrowding it, add some soft fabrics. In the living room this is obviously achieved through a beautiful fabric sofa, however adding soft touches such as throws and cushions will complete the look. Beyond this, adding rugs to hard floors is a fantastic way to soften a space and remove harsh acoustics from a room. Adding an upholstered accent to dining room chairs is also a beautiful way to add tactile detail without distracting from the pared down look of a minimalist room.

Natural Materials

Warm minimalism focuses on materials that resonate with the outside environment. This creates continuity while providing a homely warmth. As teak specialists with world-leading sustainable methods, Raft is no stranger to implementing natural materials into every style of interior. To align your space with the warm minimalist style, the beauty of an organic teak root is unparalleled. Below is the Teak Root Glass Dining Table, styled with mismatched chairs, typical of minimalist interiors. teak root dining table with glass top raft furniture