What are 'Self Spaces'? The Newest Trend we're Loving

What are 'Self Spaces'? The Newest Trend we're Loving

Self Spaces are the newest trend in homes this season, demonstrating how we're placing self care at the centre of our routines. Aligning with the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, a 'self space' ultimately denotes areas that are dedicated to wellbeing, albeit in an effortless way. 

Whether you live alone in a small flat that you can dedicate entirely to yourself or live in a family home where life is fast-paced and hectic, so you need to carve out a small space, this concept is flexible and essential. What is most important is that you interpret this trend in a way that is personal and catered to your needs. The way that you relax will differ from those around you so find your inner zen and project that into your interiors. This could be with a cosy armchair dressed with an Alpaca Throw and a Teak Armrest for a glass of wine and book in the evening. Or, perhaps this could be giving your wooden floorboards a touch of luxury with a rich, soft rug for some underfoot indulgence? Whatever your style, incorporating self spaces into your home will revolutionise the way you define 'home'.

1. Fresh plants indoors

House plants were established as a must during the lockdown phases of the pandemic. However, this is a trend we aren't ditching now we're back outdoors. Offering interiors (especially those in the city) a burst of life, character and colour, indoor foliage as a must. Not only are they a beautiful aesthetic addition to your home, indoor plants can improve air quality, boost productivity and positively impact your mental health. The height of stylish storage is encapsulated by our new Teak Magazine Planter. This piece demonstrates form and function with uncomplicated styling and natural materials. Handmade from FLEGT certified teak by our team of artisans in Indonesia and finished with sleek, black steel legs. This planter has two sections. One side includes a plant pot to replicate the look we've created, and the other has space for magazines and books. Style your space effortlessly. Available in black and natural teak.

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2. Self Spaces to Spathroom

What's a spathroom, you ask? It's a bathroom with the luxury of a spa, of course. Inspired by Gwenyth Paltrow's recent house tour, everyone is yearning after a bathroom that feels indulgent and expensive. So, if you're looking for a slice of luxury without investing in a sauna or plunge pool, why not update your bathroom glassware and storage? Our Bamboo Ladder is a stylish storage piece that takes the sterile feel out of typical bathroom set ups. Plus, scented reed diffusers are a must for your spathroom self space update.

3. Sleeping Sanctuary

If nothing else, the idea of self spaces should conjure up an image of a tranquil bedroom, free of clutter and full of calm. Organic linens, plush rugs and low lighting are essential. We've seen a huge rise in fabric bed purchases as well as our cosy pure wool throws Biscuit, Pebble and Mist.

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4. Underfoot Comfort

The importance of your flooring cannot be overstated.  Dominating the surface area in any room, your floors shape the feel of a space in a way that is subtle yet integral. For this reason, hard floors, from wooden floorboards to ceramic tiles and vinyl present an opportunity for rugs. Adding textural detail, colour, warmth and comfort, rugs are a must for any room.
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