What is 'Barkitecture'?

What is 'Barkitecture'?

Right now, loads of people are asking the question what is barkitecture? When we were first introduced to the word 'Barkitecture' we were as confused as you probably are, right now. However, as pun and pet advocates, discovering that it's a word for animal-conscious architecture made perfect sense to us! A pet in a family home really is part of the furniture. Therefore, it isn't unusual for dog owners to consider how their pet might navigate their interiors.

Practicality is Relaxing

2022 is the year of prioritising self-care and wellbeing. From the study of Feng Shui to spathrooms (spa-style bathrooms), we're learning how to balance form with function to cultivate tranquil, practical and welcoming homes. So, today we want to talk about how to choose furniture that is suitable for homes that host pets, kids or just want to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

What is Barkitecture without a stain resistant sofa?

Investing in your dream sofa can be daunting when you have pets at home. Especially if you're enamoured by pale, neutral hues (like us), we understand feeling like puppy paws could be an obstacle in the way. However, Raft's range of beautiful Italian velvets are inherently stain resistant. They have a hydrophobic structure, meaning that any spillages or marks are easily wiped away. This smart velvet collection proves that luxury and practicality are anything but incompatible. Available in a huge array of colours (from 'Lava', shown below, to bright orange and deep blues). You can order from a selection online or come in store to see the entire range.

Nature as a theme

If you have pets at home then you're no stranger to the fact that a house with life inside is a true home. For this reason, it'll come as no surprise that we suggest extending this fact beyond your furry friend. By this, we mean incorporating nature as a theme into your interiors. From leafy green plants to sustainable, natural materials, giving your indoor space a taste of the outdoors will benefit the aesthetic of your home as well as your general wellbeing and that of your pets. Think teak staples such as a Teak Dining Table and Chairs. This will give your interiors a timeless edge that, just like the great outdoors, will never go out of style. Human beings are tactile creatures and we have a long established instinctive relationship with trees. So, you can't overestimate how important wood is to your home. Why not make an organic design statement with a teak root coffee table or stool? Such simple touches will make all the difference in creating a natural flow and comfortable environment for the living beings in your home (from your pets to you!)