Why you need a rug in your home

Why you need a rug in your home

If you were thinking about buying a rug then this is your sign! Hard floors are stylish and cool, boasting an air of industrial chic we can't get enough of. However, regardless of the season, (but especially in the colder months) your hard floors need some love. How to achieve this? Rugs, of course! For warmth, texture, depth and colour, opt for a an oversized rug... or work with what you've got and layer smaller rugs. Whatever style you choose, know that rugs are having a serious moment in interior design, offering the antidote to lifeless interiors that have sacrificed warmth for minimalism. 

Soften the space with a rug

Adding rugs to your interior design repertoire is always a good idea, says Raft’s Visual Merchandiser, Lubo. An ardent advocate of adding texture to a room to cultivate a sense of comfort, elegance and character, he insists that you should never neglect your flooring when styling a room. 

rug in bedroom to soften the space

Not only soft underfoot in terms of feel but also able to absorb noise, if you have hard floors in your bedroom, a rug is a no-brainer. Similarly, for a bustling family home, a rug is definitely an accessory to consider. Soften the impact for little ones and reduce the noise for the adults, at the same time!

Is a rug best suited to big, small or open plan spaces? 

Regardless of the size of your room, a rug is always a good idea, adding a little touch of luxury to any space. Soften the harsh aesthetic of hard floors in a large room with a statement rug, or create contrast with an oversized rug in a small room. Even better still, we love using rugs to break up an open plan space and create different sections, adding intrigue to an open space. Frame your space with a rug, offering balance and flow. 

home office with oversized rug

Be brave with scale. Many people think small room, small rug... but this isn't necessarily always the case. Sometimes avoiding placing a large rug in a small room actually makes the room feel less spacious, creating a russian doll effect that grows incrementally and without a natural flow. Going oversized, on the other hand, can actually create the illusion of space, making a bold statement. In this case, often people are unsure of where to put an oversized rug, believing that all four corners should be on show. However, parts of a rug being hidden beneath furniture creates a relaxed and organic look, continuing the flow of a room.

Square and circular rugs

The default go-to is usually square in shape, replicating the look of a carpet or the shape of a square room. However, we also love using circular rugs to soften a room and offer balance to a space dominated by straight lines.

circular rug with tulsa sofa


The Scandi approach to rugs is among our favourite Nordic interior design tricks. Rugs are incredibly popular in Scandinavian homes due to the nordic climate. However, they offer a twist on the traditional approach. The hygge trend of layering rugs is an effective way of adding depth, texture and intrigue to wooden floor boards. What’s more, if you’re keeping your colour palette neutral in true Raft style, this trick adds variety and creates scope for experimenting. A non-committal carpet for versatility and elegance. 

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