5 summer staycation ideas for 2020

5 summer staycation ideas for 2020
2020 is the year of the staycation, meaning holidaying from the comfort of your own home. Abandoning Floridian poolside sunbathing and meanders down winding cobbled Italian streets may not have been the summer you set out to enjoy at the start of the year, but every cloud has a silver lining. We're of the belief that "these unprecedented times" don't have to equate to gloominess and dark memories. Be grateful to be here and healthy, surrounded by loved ones and forced to adapt and seize the day in a way you haven't had to before. This summer staycation is going to be one to remember and as the domestic sphere is our speciality, we're here to give you a head-start.

1. Plan the perfect picnic

Grab a comfy throw to lounge upon, a picnic basket and cooler filled with your favourite food and drink and a set out your spread of dreams! A teak serving board is the cheat's secret to creating a classy picnic layout. Create a mezze board with cured meats, cheeses, grapes and crackers. Crisps are always a winner and filling flasks with your favourite summery drinks and packing a few tumbler glasses is our idea of the perfect day out!

2. Alfresco dining in your garden

Alfresco dining is a summer luxury and we aren't going to let lockdown get in the way. Long lunches with friends stretch into balmy evenings drinking and chatting and if you ask us, that sounds like heaven. Above is our Eden Garden Range, decked out with the Eden Garden Dining Table and the Eden Bench. When choosing outdoor dining chairs we love the Rhode Carver for its clean-cut design and generous arms. Our Nordic Sand Tableware has an elegant yet rustic feel and works perfectly in an indoor or outdoor dining setting.

3. Unwind with an at-home spa

Just take a day for you and create your very own at-home spa. Light a candle, pamper yourself, run a bubble bath and get lost in your favourite book. It's so easy to be fooled into equating lockdown with laziness and defiantly not giving yourself a chance to relax. You still deserve a day to do absolutely nothing and this year's summer staycation presents the perfect opportunity. Dedicate your spa day to a room with ample natural light and relaxing scents from candles and diffusers.

4. Hike to a hidden treasure and watch the sunset

Sometimes life just passes you by... but lockdown has taught us that we need to cherish every moment. Do something you would never usually have time for and dedicate a late afternoon and balmy evening to a hike that ends at a high point. Come prepared with a jumper and throw to watch the sunset. With moments like that, this summer staycation will be one to remember.

5. BBQ in style

BBQing is the antidote to any stress that has come from the inability to travel abroad this summer. We've already written a blog or two dedicated to summer BBQs: How to host the perfect weekend BBQ during lockdown, It's National BBQ Week 2020... dress your table fit for these gorgeous BBQ recipes Our advice for getting it right is: invest in garden furniture that can withstand long evenings outdoors with friends (check out our Primrose Garden Sofa and our Primrose Garden Bench); create a playlist that exudes chilled summer evening energy; adorn your garden with fairy lights and perfect those family favourite recipes!