Mid Century Modern interiors: A how-to guide

Mid Century Modern interiors: A how-to guide

Mid-Century Modern interiors are back and we're here to explain how to give them a Raft twist... The style that celebrates a rejection of pre 1940s stuffiness has recently seen a rebirth. Appearing as a buzzword across Pinterest pages and Instagram tiles, the internet is loving the way it balances character, style and function. Far from a fad, Mid-Century Modern represents an ode to a combination of our favourite trends from each decade. With a post-war optimism and a romantic reconnection with the earth in mind, we love Mid-Century Modern interiors and are excited about their revival.

Why is Mid-Century Modern interior design back? 

Although it never technically left, Mid-Century Modern style has definitely seen a revival in recent years. Why, you ask? Our guess is that we have Mad Men to thank. Peering at the set of Roger Sterling's office, dressed with deep buttoned sofas and glass top wooden tables, it's fair to say that the intrigue around this suave style has been reignited.

Sculptural furniture takes centre stage in Mid-Century Modern interiors

Mid-century modern interiors with small leather armchair and sculptural bookcase for interior design statement

Wondering how to execute the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic in your home? The secret is to invest in beautiful statement pieces of furniture rather than a collection of small accessories. Less is more when it comes to decor that pays tribute to this particular interior design style. This is why we suggest opting for larger statement pieces. Mid-Century Modern interiors love sculptural furniture, from elegant upholstered seats with curved legs to centrepiece-worthy coffee tables. Indulging in statement shapes will give your classic retro space a necessary touch of romance, contrasting the signature 1950s practicality.

Bright colours and bold graphic prints for a retro statement 

Mustard yellow sofa with high arms to show bright colours trend in 1950s interior design

When we hear 1950s design our minds go to sleek and practical rooms that pack a punch with a statement print. It's no secret that at Raft we naturally gravitate towards neutrals, getting our kicks from mixing up texture. However, that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the occasional statement print and pop of colour. As a bespoke service, we have never skimped on fabric options. All of our upholstered furniture is handmade to order in England. We have a choice of thousands of options and invite our customers to explore their personality with our range of leathers, velvets, cotton and linen fabrics.

Mid-Century style sofas at Raft

The Seattle Sofa 

Mid-century modern interiors grey sofa with black feature wall and bookcase to show retro style living room

The Seattle Sofa's sleek design is inspired by the iconic style of the 1950s. Light on its feet with beautiful sloping armrests to create an elegant flow, the Seattle nestles itself handsomely in a variety of interiors. Sleek and compact, this sofa is proportioned to maximise the use of space in your room, making it the ideal model for a city dweller.

The Madison Sofa 

mid-century modern interiors with bright blue high arm sofa and coffee table to show retro style sofa

The Madison Sofa gives a nod to mid-century modern design with its iconic design. Defined by its clean lines and high armrests to offer all-round support, the Madison is the ultimate fusion of form and function. Enjoy a minimalist silhouette and timeless sophistication in your home. The Madison Sofa stands elegantly on beautiful wooden feet and optimises the feeling of spaciousness while making a statement.